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Shouldn't we be working together?

May 7, 2019

Nearly two years ago I started my own business. The practice I have built draws on more than two decades of relationships and work as an advocate and an executive in law, government, non-profits and in the digital start-up world as well.


As a strategy advisor and a player/coach, I have an unsurprising specific focus helping business leaders to gain competitive advantage by putting positive social impact at the center of their business decisions big and small; and helping them formulate and execute on ambitious plans for growth.


I call the business Emblem Strategic LLC because I believe from experience that when you make sure your key decisions are emblematic of your values and your vision -- you can create great value that will set you apart and create opportunity. Success requires collaboration. No doubt about it. At the same time, it remains true that true greatness - in any terms you want to apply -  also requires clear and confident leadership with a purpose.


The companies I work with are local and global, spanning industries from technology to real estate, banking, food services, higher education and beyond. What they have in common is leadership that has big plans for growth, commitment to a set of core values, an appetite for distinction and significant incentive to get aligned and get moving.


I'd like to invite you to consider speaking with me about how my work might help yours.


Here are a few ways to think about how we might work together - and below are the words of three current clients:


Leadership Development: Working one on one with a CEO or another member of a management team to sharpen focus, analyze complex problems, develop solutions.


Vision-Values Articulation: Helping a CEO or management team to articulate their vision and values (either for the first time or as part of a refresh in a legacy enterprise) and helping the team form the basis for better decisions and new business growth.


Stakeholder Mapping and Engagement: Helping a CEO and/or management team define their key stakeholders and understand expectations so they can make informed choices about how the business should respond.


Diversity and Inclusion Strategy & Execution: Working with a CEO and team to define their specific business case for embracing diversity and inclusion and then to develop actionable, measurable strategies and meaningful relationships that propel the business forward. Recruiting, hiring and advancement, purchasing and procurement, programming and product development, strategic philanthropy and partnerships: All of these are pieces of the puzzle. 


Public Affairs: Facilitating the creation of relationships between ambitious companies and the government officials and public organizations that they need to know in order to grow. 


Lost in the jargon? Here's what some actual clients are saying:


Any company that is managing growth could use Andy/Emblem. The changing landscape in the midst of a universal "awakening" to social justice oriented issues makes Emblem VERY valuable in today's business world.


Andy becomes immersed in your business model - making every effort to understand your end goals. Andy doesn't try to become an expert in your space - but he DOES try to understand what YOU need to do to become an expert.


Andy does a great job taking the time to understand our business and how his work can fit into what we do. He also does a good job of holding us accountable and helping us achieve our objectives.


Who are some representative Emblem Strategic clients? 

WeWork, The Grossman Companies, Brookline Bank, Commonwealth Kitchen, Finard Properties, Xtalic, William James College, The Davis Companies, Abbott Investments...


One more thing -- I don't work alone. I assemble a collaborative array of experts for projects that touch diverse subjects when the work requires their skills. I bring my network and relationships to the table as needed; however, I love this work because I get deeply involved and see the moment through the leader's eyes. My clients and I make things happen together. 


Expectations have changed, and your thinking has too. Let's set a date to talk about turning your values and your vision into impact and advantage.




Andy Tarsy is Principal and Founder of Emblem Strategic LLC. 





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